25 November 2010


oil on canvas
25x35 cm


oil on canvas
70x55 cm

24 November 2010


oil on canvas

22 November 2010


oil on canvas

21 November 2010

3 spa blauw 2

tempera on canvas
24 x 30 cm

20 November 2010

Delicatessen Crossing Border

Delicatessen is having a small space at the great Crossing Border Festival in The Hague this weekend. Performing are a.o. Cactus Duet, Kanipchen-Fit, Hester Carvalho, Boris de Jong, Cherry Delight, We Be Naked, Showdog and more more more. Books and records and art by Remco Mooijekind for sale.

12 November 2010

05 November 2010

16 spa rood

oil on canvas
65 x 52 cm

03 November 2010

meanwhile at the sneaker store 10

mixed media on canvas
40 x 35 cm